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July 15, 2020

Photography can truly make or break your brand. When you only have 3 second to capture someones attention, the first impression is everything for your business! Here are five simple photo ideas to keep in mind before you book your next brand photoshoot…so that you’re not left winging it.

1. Capture the services you provide

Branding and Website Services Progress Photo

Your Core Services

As a website and brand designer, I’ve found that capturing your services in a photo is one of the most important photos you can plan for.

Take the time to create a list of all the services you provide and are looking to promote. This will help your photographer to get the exact shots you need for your website and social media.

Ask your Graphic Designer

If you’re planning on investing in your branding, be sure to communicate with your graphic designer before booking a photographer. They will be a great resource in choose the final editing style, and also help you to create a shot list. In fact, often times your designer will be a great reference in choosing a reliable and professional photographer, so be sure to contact them first.

All your planning will surely pay off when you receive the final photos. You’ll have the perfect images for your website, social media, or any place you put your marketing efforts into. Having pictures that are relevant to your business will help you to create consistent content for months to come.


EXAMPLE LIST / Hairstylist — Your services shot-list could include actions like…Highlighting a clients hair by applying foils, blow drying a clients hair, applying hair extensions to client, mens haircut.

EXAMPLE LIST / Health + Fitness Coach — Your services shot-list could include actions like…Teaching a group spin class, Engaged with one-on-one client training, post physical therapy massage, meal prepping.

2. Bring props to create a “mood board”

What is a mood board?

In the design world, a mood board helps to establish the overall style and creative direction of your brand. This might be achieved by collecting a series of inspiring pictures and color palettes. While every business owner might not seek inspiration from magazine clippings we can capture the same effect in a fresh way that’s relevant to your business.

There are supporting elements in every industry that help to tell a story. Getting creative with props can help to highlighting your business services and products in an interesting way.

Tell the Whole Story

When building engagement around your brand, you don’t want every photo to be just of you, the business owner. You want variety. Collecting different props that are relevant to your industry help to tell your unique story as a business and brand.

At the end of the day, people want to do business with brands they can believe in and trust. When you showcase your business in an authentic and genuine way, you make it easier for new customers to believe in your mission.


Dog Walker — Perhaps your “mood board” props consists of dog treats, leashes, training tools, and pet toys.

Boutique Clothing Store: — Props could include a steamer, wood hangers, price tags, accessories, fabric swatches, mannequins.

3. Use your work environment for your headshot

Melissa, The Local Brand Club – Founder + Brand Specialist

Be Authentic

Even if you work in the corporate world, having your photo taken in front of a white wall with your arms crossed might not be the best approach for your brand.

Using the environment around you gives the impression of an authentic and experienced brand. People want to work with businesses that are real and honest. Capturing your workspace is one small step that can help you to establish authority as an industry expert.

Dress to Impress

Also consider, what do you normally wear in your work environment? Do you do business in a suit and tie? Are you in sweatpants and slippers? Capturing the unique story of your business goes down to the smallest of details, even your wardrobe.


EXAMPLE — If you’re a restaurant manger, it would be a great idea to capture a head-shot of you inside of a busy restaurant. This gives the impression that you’re capable of creating a welcoming restaurant experience.

EXAMPLE — If you’re a Dentist, it would be comforting to see you inside a patient room. This way your future clients will know what type of environment they will be engaging in before booking their appointment.

4. Show a final results photo

What to Expect

It’s always a good idea to showcase the final results of your services. Whether you’re a hairstylist or dog trainer, you’ll need to show what your clients can expect when purchasing your services/products. This builds trust for potential new clients, and eliminates the fear of doing business with someone they don’t know.


For someone like me who is a brand and web designer, I would have my photographer capture a final website design or final logo design.

EXAMPLE / Construction Worker — Showing Before/After photos of your work will give customers an idea on your craftsmanship

EXAMPLE / Photographer — Display a gallery of your most recent work on instagram and your website. This way clients get to know your style and process.

5. Capture a call to action photo

Guide your Audience

A call-to-action is a marketing term used to encourage users to take some sort of action. This is important to any business looking to sell services or products. This term usually applies to a website button or “swipe up’s” on instagram.

When thinking of brand photography, consider recreating the same call-to-action effect in a photo. Draw the attention of your audience through a visual command rather than a written one.

You might be wondering why this type of a photo is even necessary when you could just write it in plain text. Here’s a fascinating statistic. 80% of people remember what they see vs 20% of people remember what the read. This goes to show how powerful it is to invest in your visual marketing!


If you want your clients to book an appointment, your photographer should capture you flipping through your appointment book.

Or if you’re looking to engage in more video conferences, have your photographer setup a “fake” zoom meeting call with a model client.

Perhaps you want your clients to shoot you a text or DM. Have your photographer capture a shot of you on your cell phone.

I hope these brand photoshoot tips were helpful!

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