Meet Melissa, your website specialist.

I take pride in my work, and love helping hardworking small business owners who feel the same way. I'm excited to connect with you, and look forward to helping your local business find success in the digital world.




We are proud of the work we do, and will never be motivated to cut corners.

We don't get lost in abstract concepts. Whatever we create, it must work well in the real world. 


Passionate about keeping the American Dream alive for hard-working small business owners, so they can win online & in their community.

Especially when no one is looking, doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

VALUes that influence us:

have fun

To us, having fun is the most important ingredient in the creative process.

What sets us apart from other website studios:

The Local Focus:

Our online marketing approach is focused and efficient.

For local businesses, casting a wide marketing net drains resources & makes for slower growth. With Local SEO, it's much easier to connect with new clients right in your neighborhood actively searching for your services.

Personality is King:

The internet is saturated with brands promoting their business.

In order to stand out online, you must stand out. To do just that, we highlight the unique elements of your brand, creating a human connection and projecting authenticity that captivates and retains customers.

Optimized to the core:

Your website should be more than just a beautiful storefront. 

With our approach to website design, your website is optimized to its very core. From the internal code, to the external design, we pay attention to every small detail that influences your path to online success.

A holistic approach:

We want you to not just exist, but thrive on various digital platforms.

To achieve this, we optimize every aspect of your online presence. From your website to other digital touchpoints, we enhance every element that represents your business, strengthening your digital reputation and inspiring trust.

We've worked on projects for:

Small is a big deal

As the product of generational small business owners, I know (first-hand) how hard it is to have your own business. The grind takes tremendous courage, passion, problem-solving skills, and willingness to take risks. I’ve been surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit my whole life, and am right at home helping small business owners succeed online.

used to be corporate designer

Working directly with brands like Amazon, Starbucks, & Walmart (to name some), I bring my 9 years of industry experience to every project.

The more I worked with successful companies, the more I noticed that the secrets to online success weren't tied directly to large budgets and huge teams.

In fact, many of the worlds biggest corporations try to reproduce the magic that is found at the local level. Often throwing millions at campaigns that try to imitate the authenticity that comes natural to local business owners. 

I was inspired to head straight to the source and get up and personal with the very community that seemed to be the source of so much inspiration. After quitting my corporate career path, I've since turned my passion for business, design, and efficient marketing to the locals that need it the most.

Melissa's story


(1) I recieved a golf scholarship in college (2) I've worked as in-house graphic designer for the NFL (3) i've won awards for package design (4) I HAVE A BACHELORS OF FINE ART DEGREE IN GRAPHIC DESIGN FROM THE ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY (5) I lived in San Francisco for 7 years (6)CERTIFIED IN FULL-STACK DEVELOPMENT FROM SMU, SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY.[7] I HAVE A DOG NAMED HERCULES AND A CAT NAMED HAPPI